The Zigs
The Official Website of The Zigs, Tulsa, OK
             The first version of The Zigs sprang spontaneously forth from the primordial ooze in 1991. There were two "Zigs"; cousins James on guitar and Timothy on bass. Hence the band was named The Zigs. Other original members were guitar wiz Tom Hanford, drummer Damon Daniel, vocalist extraorinaire Phil Seymour and keyboardist Dennis Galyor.
             This is the line up that did the first Zigs CD, Age Of Technology.
             Before that, there was a third Zig, "Zippo".
             Another incarnation was David Tanner on keys, Pete Huckabee on guitar, Scott Mariner on drums, and Matt Kohl on bass. Kohl left and Jim moved from guitar to the bass position. The death of David Tanner cast a pall over the group and it dissolved. There was no Zigs band for a while.
             The current incarnation began in 2002. Zig called together his former drummer Scott, Scott's lifelong friend and bassist Mark Snyder, and organist Jim Downing. They got together in Zig's living room and immediately sounded like they'd been playing together for years. It surprised them all. After two rehearsals they played their first gig. The clubowner told them they were the best band he'd ever had, and he had used far more established bands.
             To say that Mark and Scott left due to artistic differences sounds cliche, but it's true. The band got an album deal going but the rhythm section just wanted to go out and play four hours, get paid and go home. They didn't see the point in working in the studio on speculation.
             Jim and Jim laid down some tracks without drums, then junked those and the early tracks cut with Mark and Scott, and brought in Frank McPeters to play drums. Immediately a better sound took shape.
             Ziegler played bass on some of the new tracks and Frank suggested Bill Raffensperger to play bass. Amazingly, Bill said OK.
             Since then, The Zigs have become one of the most respected and sought-after bands in the region. Music aficianados and other musicians speak of them highly.
             They blend classic rocks songs with their own originals. Phil Stone of KMOD called it "Deep groove music." To hear them is to love them.