Breedlove PSCO42CEMYMY Pursuit Exotic, S Concerto

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Myrtlewood, while native to Oregon’s Pacific coast, might just be the most ‘exotic’ of all tonewoods, capturing the deep bass of rosewood, the pure warmth of mahogany and the sweet, glassy treble of maple in one exquisite, visually enchanting package—here under an equally captivating tortoise-bound Tiger’s Eye gloss finish. This sustainable acoustic electric Pursuit Exotic S Concertina has all the charm of a vintage short-scale 12-fret parlor guitar, but with a full, punchy modern sound and maximum playing comfort. A fast, slim neck and soft cutaway access to every fret let your fingers, and your heart, have their say. Sound better than ever with Breedlove’s earth-conscious, sonically superior EcoTonewood technology. Get fierce with a Tiger’s Eye!

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