Gemeinhardt 3OSHB Step-up Open Hole Flute, Solid Silver J1 Head Joint, Low B

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Looking to invest in a new intermediate flute for yourself or your loved one? Well look no further! We have a variety of options here at The Music Store starting with the Geminhardt 3OSHB Intermediate flute.

With French key mechanism, a silver headjoint and a B footjoint, the model 3OSHB flute is one of the most desired step-up flutes offered today. This model has an off-set G and B Foot.
The model 3OSHB offers the resonance and tone quality of a solid silver headjoint (J1 Model) combined with the French key mechanism (open hole keys) often requested on an intermediate student instrument. The 3OSHB offers specifications many teachers recommend for a step-up student flute, including an off-set G and B foot..
Additional Information
  • Brand Gemeinhardt
  • Head Finish Solid Silver
  • Head Joint Shape Straight
  • Head Joint Model J1
  • Body Finish Silver-Plated
  • Foot Finish Silver-Plated
  • Key Finish Silver-Plated
  • Key Style Open-Hole
  • Key Arm Style Y-Arm
  • Inline / Offset  Offset
  • Foot Joint Options B Foot
  • Skill Level Intermediate (Conservatory)
  • Case Type Hard-shell Plastic
  • Case Cover Black Nylon


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