Buffet BC8101 Student Eb Alto Sax

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Buffet BC8101 Alto Saxophone

The 100 Series alto saxophone establishes a new benchmark for student instruments. Incorporating many of the features of the 400 Series, the 100 Series saxophones provide students with immediate, affordable quality. The importance of a superior instrument for beginning band students cannot be underestimated, and the 100 Series provides consistent intonation and easy response, a centered tone and range to high F#. The 100 Series will provide years of excellent performance for the beginning saxophonist.The new Buffet Crampon saxophones incorporate classic French design combined with modern innovations to produce exceptional and affordable instruments for any level or budget.


  • Eb student alto saxophone
  • French design
  • Ribbed construction
  • Pads with metal resonators
  • Blue steel springs
  • Mother of pearl key buttons
  • High F# key
  • Rich gold lacquer finish
  • Hand engraved bell
  • Hard shell wood case
  • Ideal starter saxophone for beginning band students
  • Easy, clear response in all registers
  • Large bow helps beginning band students produce low notes easily
  • Ribbed construction – very sturdy and dependable
  • Attractive hard shell wood case – extremely durable and protective


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